5 Ways to Treat Your Business With Branded Links

If you’re looking for a way to grow your brand online and keep your name at the forefront of people’s minds as they scour the internet, look no further than branded links. The holiday season provides ample opportunities to showcase your brand and we can’t think of a better way to treat your business with a feature that truly gets the job done.

1. Branded Links Help With Click-Throughs

Digital marketers love their click-throughs. This vital marketing tool can help boost engagement, clicks, and draw awareness to new products and services. 

2. Promote Engagement Around a Product or Service

Are you looking to promote your new Halloween-themed products? Maybe you plan to roll out dedicated content to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. In a sea of content and releases, branded links can bring your business to the center spotlight. You can customize your links to promote a product or service which you can use for dedicated landing pages or websites to strengthen your messaging. For example if you’re a beverage company who has a new line of drinks out you can use a domain like “beveragesforyou.com/coldones”. Bitly also offers the option to customize your back half which can promote engagement and awareness around a new product which would look like “yourwebsite.com/newbeverageline”.

3. Branded Links Can Improve UX

Nothing drives engagement like your user experience. The internet can be a scary place and for customers trying to navigate the complex world of E-commerce websites and online purchases, safety is everything. Using branded links can help to build consumer trust and confidence by readily identifying yourself to the customer with every link they click on. When your customers have confidence in your business this can help improve the ROI by driving more clicks which can improve engagement. For data-driven marketers looking to use these metrics to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, they have the ability to track the engagement of links through the Bitly dashboard. 

4. Boost Credibility With Branded Links 

In the vast world of business, how customers view your brand can directly affect their purchasing decisions or their ability to refer your product or services to other people. If you have URLs that aren’t branded and look suspicious it can affect your brand reputation and credibility online. Having a branded link can help users recognize your brand instead of worrying what could be behind the bit.ly link and can help increase your internet security and make your URL trustworthy to visitors. Bitly has worked overtime to ensure your links are safe and reliable. Each link that you create using Bitly is encrypted with HTTPS to maximize protection against eavesdropping or tampering by third parties, keeping your content safe from the bad guys.

5. Increase Your Visibility In The Market

Whether you’re an influencer, small business owner, or entrepreneur, we can all agree that there are very few markets that aren’t clamoring for visibility. The market is crowded and what separates your brand from the next can be small and subtle details that can provide a wealth of opportunities from products to marketing. If you’re an influencer with multiple partnerships you can use branded links to direct traffic towards specific pages without losing the engagement on your website. 

Branding your links ensures that your brand is represented across multiple channels whether it’s on social media, a QR Code or your website. If you’re a small business or larger organization you can also use branded links to differentiate various campaigns or improve communications between your employees.

Branded links have never been easier to create with Bitly’s Basic plan. Whether you’re upgrading a free account or are looking to dive right into our basic plan, you can get started with Bitly today!

Published on: 11/12/21, 11:42 PM