How To Earn With FPTlink Without Website Or Youtube Channel

We know every person has no knowledge of blogging or technology so every person can’t create blogs or websites. Many of the people are Illiterate in India but, we have a great solution for all. As we know these days all the people are active on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. If you have a huge Facebook, WhatsApp group then you can earn huge money every single day.

We have some Illiterate people who registered on our link shortener and they don’t have any youtube channel or website but still, they earn more then 10$/Day by using their WhatsApp group or social media you can also earn.

There are many people are in our country who want to have an independent source of income. Some bonus money every month. I get it. Who would not want to?

So, today I will show you how to earn money by using FPTlink link shortener so before getting started you have to create your account on FPTlink URL Shortener so if you don’t know how to create your account then follow our article.

Once you successfully verified your account login your FPTlink account and you can see an option “New Shorten Link” on the left top side of the dashboard.

Just click on the button and now copy & paste your long URL and click on shorten your link will be shrunk now just copy the shorted URL and share it whenever you want.

It’s time to share your shorted links on Social Media or WhatsApp just copy and share with your WhatsApp groups, You can shorten any links which is on trending.

Now just open your WhatsApp group or Facebook group and share it on their and earn money.

You can get lots of traffic if you know how to get traffic from Reddit. Reddit is the best social networking website to get traffic to your blog or videos. So if you know how to increase your karma and clicks then you can easily make over 50$+/day. It is pretty simple just share shorted links & earn.

If you don’t have WhatsApp group even you can earn money lifetime by referring your friends.

FPTlink share 20% revenue of your referral for ex: let you refer are the person who has lots of traffic on their blog or channel. when he/she join us via your referral link and he makes 100$/month then you get 20$ for free just because you refer that person to join FPTlink URL Shortener.

Many of the users following this method to earn money without traffic, also you can just refer someone who has lots of traffic because in this case, you need active person because we are focusing on the referral quality, not quantity.

How To Find Referral Link & Banners?

First of all login your FPTlink  account

Now you can see a referral option on the left slider bar just click on that

You can see your referral link here just copy it and share on social media or your friend who can earn money by using shorten links.

That’s it for this tutorial keep shorten keep earn & keep learning in the next tutorial I will teach you how to increase your website traffic and earn more money.

Published on: 12/10/20, 4:06 AM